Advanced Technology


Marco TRS-5100

The TRS 5100 benefits from Marco's latest generation of electronic refraction technology. Replacing the standard refractor, it allows our Eye Doctors to control the entire refraction process from a keypad. This keypad also controls the M&S  Automatic Chart Projector. And because the TRS 5100 is completely programmable, all the lenses are moved at the touch of a button, taking us to each new refraction step in more effecient and accurate way. 



The Nidek OPD III is a third-generation combined aberrometer and corneal topographer that is fast, accurate, and user-friendly. The combination of aberrometry and topography in one unit offers our Eye Doctors versatility and provides both broad and precise information about the eye that allows comprehensive analysis and assessment, according to company literature.



Zeiss Humphrey FDT

Humphrey FDT is an AC-powered device intended to determine the extent of the peripheral visual field of a patient. The device is intended to determine the amount of visual field loss in a patient, which can then be used to diagnose/track the progression of glaucoma and other eye diseases.


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