SynergEyes Duette Contact Lenses


Dr. Smith and Dr. Gdowski are now fitting patients with Synergeyes Duette contact lenses at Lifetime Eyecare.

Imagine walking outside and everything looks clearer and sharper than you’ve ever seen it before. Transform your vision with Duette contact lenses – a high-performance, advanced-technology lens to help you achieve better vision, even if you have astigmatism! And they’re designed especially for people who need to meet the uncompromising vision demands of their profession or lifestyle.

  • Does your vision blur when you blink, lie down, or while driving at night?
  • Would you like more stable vision?
  • Would you like to see more clearly than you’ve ever seen before?



Duette combines two lens materials into one unique lens. The center of the lens is made of a rigid material to give you clear, crisp and stable vision. The soft skirt keeps the lenses comfortable throughout the day. No other contact lens uses the dual material design to provide exceptional vision and comfort in a single lens. Plus, Duette lenses are personalized for your eyes to give you truly uncompromised vision.

  • Do you need help reading and seeing things far away?
  • Do you have astigmatism and need help seeing up close?
  • Do you have astigmatism and need help seeing up close?



Duette Progressive is a contact lens specially designed for people over 40 who are looking for a way to see better-up close, far away and everywhere in between. The patented, dual material lens design has a rigid center that helps provide crisp, clear vision at all distances and a soft outer material for optimal comfort. Duette Progressive lets you live focused…any time…any distance. Schedule an appointment today at Lifetime Eyecare and see the difference and comfort advanced contacts lenses from Synergeyes provide. Watch the videos below for more information on both the Duette lenses and the Duette Progressive lenses, go to the official website: SynergEyes: Duette Contact Lenses.


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