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Myopia, or nearsightedness, is common, affecting nearly one in three Americans. At Lifetime Eyecare in Jenison, Michigan, Allen Smith, OD, and Nicole Gdowski, OD, are experts in diagnosing myopia. Whether you want contacts or glasses, the practice fits you with the right prescription and offers the convenience of an onsite lab. They also can also tell you if you’re a good candidate for LASIK to correct your myopia. Call or schedule a consultation online.

Myopia Q & A

What is myopia? 

Myopia is a condition affecting your eyesight, where you can see close objects clearly, but distant objects look blurry. Often called nearsightedness, myopia is common, affecting almost one-third of Americans.

Myopia occurs when your eyeball is too long or when the clear front cover of your eye, known as the cornea, is too curved. As a result, your eye can’t focus properly. This makes faraway objects look blurry.


Although the precise cause of myopia isn’t known, it tends to run in families. Even so, how you use your eyes may influence whether you develop myopia or not. Spending a lot of time working at a computer, reading, or performing other close work raises your chances of developing myopia.

For some, myopia happens only at night. This is because low light at night makes it difficult for your eyes to focus properly.

How is myopia diagnosed?

The first sign of myopia typically occurs between age 8-12, but you can also become nearsighted at an older age. To diagnose myopia, Dr. Gdowski or Dr. Smith run a series of tests to evaluate your eyesight. These include:

  • Distance chart - measures visual acuity, which is your sharpness of vision
  • Phoropter - uses a series of lenses to measure how your eye focuses light
  • Refraction - tests potential lens prescriptions needed to correct your vision

Depending on what your doctor finds, they may suggest additional tests.

How is myopia treated?

Fortunately, you have several choices to restore your clear eyesight.

Contact lenses

Soft, hard, and progressive contacts are among your options at Lifetime Eyecare. The practice also features Duette contacts, a high-performance, advanced-technology lens to improve your vision, even with astigmatism.

Corneal reshaping therapy (CRT)

CRT involves wearing therapeutic contact lenses to temporarily correct myopia. The contacts gently reshape your eye as you sleep, freeing you from wearing contacts or glasses during the day.


Eyeglasses can help you achieve better vision if you have myopia or other vision problems. Lifetime Eyecare offers a broad selection of frames to match your personal preference and budget, as well as an onsite lab for a quick turnaround of lenses.

LASIK and laser eye surgery

Lifetime Eyecare provides pre- and post-operative care for LASIK eye surgery or other surgical procedures involving your eye. Dr. Gdowski or Dr. Smith will evaluate whether you’re a good candidate for LASIK before referring you to a LASIK surgery center the doctors know and trust.

If you’d like to restore the clear eyesight you enjoyed before myopia, call Lifetime Eyecare today or book a consultation online.